View Full Version : Honda 600cc engine

06-20-2008, 12:22 AM
I found this on Free 3D Models, Free CAD Models (http://www.3dcontentcentral.com/)

They have a bunch of fasteners and other stuff on there as well but someone took the time to draw this up. I just don't know what year it is so I will have to check to see if it matches the 2000 F4i engine we have in another small buggy. Most 600cc and 1000cc engines are very close in size so fitting this one into your frame and leaving room in the front for the exhaust header and above for air filtering system would be useful for those that don't want to model a similar bike engine. I think motor mounts generally get figured out after the frame is built and the motor is suspended in the chassis so this would likely be best just for checking fitment/frame interferance and removability.