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04-13-2008, 03:15 PM
Not really an event or Gathering, but just a review of one of the places I am fortunate enough to get to visit with my job! Some one tell me how to post pictures on this site... I am hoping to be in Glamis later this week, and also have several pictures on file of other places I frequent!!

Another new find I have been wanting to have the opportunity to ride the trails I have seen from the I10 highway. I have seen many times going back and forth to Cali. This place is *a lot of fun, with plenty of 14 day camping spots, mine roads that allow WOT runs and even some atv goat trails to test your climbing skills. these were the most exciting in the ody because you really didn't know what was on the other side of the hill... Its different being so ow to the ground and strapped in... Not like you can Stand on the pegs and peek over??? I found one goat trail that flat out dead ended and I had to back up and turn around... How these guys get away with out a reverse is beyond me??? I wanted to go to this place that I was at on Thanksgiving but I am not sure of the fuel mileage and would hate to have to walk...LOL I found a fun little 20 mile loop that is what I would expect at an off road race. (After viewing some of moskito's video of his riding spot north of phoenix. http://youtube.com/user/Class10Deztaz )
I noticed a new ball joint I just replaced was bent back as the last one was??? I guess Aftermarket kit just doesn't work with aftermarket wheels? I will try to find some 1x4 offset rims like the quads are using with there long travel kits to keep the width legal in there classes??? I just hope the will fit over the ball joints? If not then I will have to hunt down a new pair of stock rims and figure out a way to beef the outer ring up so it won't bend... I am hoping for bead lock rims though, as I bend a small part of the rear rim also... I will have to do some more adjusting of the toe etc now with the bent ball joint the ody wants to pull to the right on pavement...
I can recommend this area highly for several reasons... It is close to a small town, there is a super 8 motel right at the entrance, fast food and several convenience stores. During the winter months the wives can spend several days shopping all the vendors who sell anything/everything!!! It is like a HUGE flea market during these months... I ran off and lost my camera somewhere so I will not be able to post any pictures until the next time I am out here!!! Which will be soon!!!

04-13-2008, 03:18 PM
OH the bigger buggies would really like this place due to the longer stretches and room to stretch your feet so to say!! I had my ody up to 55-60 in places... (yea I know don't laugh... Thats plenty enough for me and there is maybe a little bit more in the throttle... I am still going thru the building trust in it stage...LOL)

04-14-2008, 05:27 PM
I had a blast again yesterday, got a little sunburned on top of my legs... Might need to make a hood soon to stop that but the breeze up the shorts at 50 mph sure feels good * [smilie=ashamed.gif] *
Oh well it is a different type of riding than Sand duning and I enjoy them both... this is just a lot tougher on the equipment!!! I am planning on beadlocks before to long, although I have been happy with the way the .190 Douglas rims are working!!! Maybe I'll drop them off in PHX at ATVRacing to have them put beadlocks on them... After this week at Glamis, if I a kucky enough to make it. I am going to take my holeshot tires that I used today and mount them on the stock wheels I have to see what kind of feedback I get... The stock rims and sandtires in the front handled real well the other day at The Buttercup sand dunes!
Anyway if riding around mountains and taking in some Beautiful scenery is your thing this place is worth the stop!!!

04-14-2008, 06:39 PM
Good times, turbo!

04-14-2008, 09:42 PM
Good times, turbo!

Yea.. I did have fun!!! I will try to get a camera if I work my plan to visit some guys from AZ at Glamis...

Before these last few several months when Diesel wasn't so dang high I could justify driving the empty truck 250 miles to Glamis and then come back to LA or SD to load out to Texas, but now I have to chose my routes a little wiser... Almost $.75 a mile just on fuel empty and bumps up to @.82 if loaded heavy... When I bought this truck 4.5 years ago it cost me $.87 a mile to operate INCLUDING paying myself $.30 and tires insurance etc etc... I just don't pay myself much anymore...