View Full Version : RZR = WOW!!

08-09-2007, 10:09 PM
Well I finally got to log some miles on the RZR and all I can say is this thing was worth every penny * [smilie=biggrin.gif] * I haven't done much of anything in the way of mods and honestly it really doesn't need it. Out of the box this thing rocks. The ride is incredible, so smooth that its hard to tell how fast you're going without looking at the speedo. After giving my niece a ride over some ruff stuff she is familiar with, I had asked her what see thought of the RZR and her response was "I don't know but this thing is soooo smoooooth".

Very smooth ride quality, gobs of smooth power, EFI, AWD, 50" max width - trail legal, ability to carry a passenger, 1500# towing capacity, has a certain buggy feel to it, sporty design, factory side nettings, very plush seats, passenger OS bar, tilt wheel, very bright headlights, backup/work lights, tons of accessories available from manufacture and after market with more coming every day, fairly quiet - easy to talk to your passenger without having to yell at speed, seatbelts that lock in and hold you in when going over the ruff stuff, good stock tires, surprisingly roomy cab area for a machine that maintains the 50" max trail width, engine braking without having engine braking, stock straight line speed at 58 MPH (taking out the speed limiter in the clutch will give +5-6 MPH on top), the grin it puts on my grill every time I drive it and all around fun factor.

Ugly black wheels - first thing to go (see pics below), small battery - slightly bigger than the ones found on a 150cc buggy, slow steering (3 full turns lock to lock, will take a little getting used too), firewall not sealed well allowing some heat from the radiator to enter the cab while moving - good for winter - bad for summer, very touchy/twitchy gas pedal - hard to maintain slow steady speeds.

Here's a couple pics.