View Full Version : Need some rhino tire/wheel specs please

06-22-2007, 06:54 AM
I'm prototyping a busa side by side, and i'm about ready to move on to the suspension and I am really wanting to run the fullsize, 31" tall dirt tires in the rear, and 29" tires in the front, that I currently run on my fullsize rails, but to try and keep my cost down, i'm thinking about going with something smaller so I can get a really aggressive dirt tire and run some smaller rims. *My 2 problems are, I had planned on using my 5 bolt pattern brakes and hubs for the front and the rear. I would need something smaller to go with a more atv type rime, and what's the tallest dirt tire I can buy for a rhino application in an atv type of tire? *I was hoping for at least 27" tall, but would prefer maybe a 28 or something similar. *The overall length is about 112", and track width is gonna be between 68 and 70" wide. *Any and all suggestions would be appreciated, maybe even some links and some pics of rhino's with the size your describe. *And *suggestions on brakes as well. *I could build my own brakes if I have to, I just don't want to spend a fortune on something that is smaller than what I run and wont be very effective, and I don't want little bitty tires if they won't hook up, it does have a busa motor in it so the diameter isn't a problem, especially with the gear ratio i'm setting the reverse diff with. *

Or maybe I should leave the 31"? *They Don't look funny when I stand them up to the frame, I like them actually, but fullsize beadlock rims and tires are not cheap, and I don't really know of any automotive tires that are fairly aggressive but don't weight a ton, they are built for heavy duty trucks...

Does anyone know of a fairly aggressive dirt/atv tire that fits on a 15x7---15x5 rim? *That would be my choice right there, 27 to 31 would be great...