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05-29-2006, 01:35 PM
i had a rough weekend. i managed to end up getting every piece of equipment i brought down damamged. the truck trailer camper and buggy.

Truck - when the camper blew apart it scratched the hell out of the roof of the cab.

Camper - coming home in to gail force head winds blew the skin off the bottom side of the over shot between the cab and camper causeing the damage to the cab.

Trailer - the camp jack hit the trailer while being backed up. apparently my extended stinger allows me to tow with my tailgate down and the camper on but dosent allow me to jack knife the trailer any farther.

Buggy - first i had a motor mount brake which tool out he drive belt again. i was goingo t jsut let the buggy sit for ht erest of the weekend and yell at the builder in the morning. but while i was watching footage fromthe night before kelly got motivated and started repairing th e buggy so that meant i finished and put the buggy back in the sand. Well thne while on the way out to choke cherry i was following hte gangover a hill. i had to take a alternate route to the left of where they went adn bam landed in a whitches eye with teh right front o my buggy. and tada i broke the right frotn lower ball joint and pretzeled the teirod. had to get towed back to camp by my friends jeep.

Quad - i let a buddy ride my quad while we were going to sand hills to try and find jason and cristy. well on the way there he managed to roll it down a dune. endo style. he was alright just a couple of bruises so i am happy about that. but now my quad tracks really hard to the left wehn the bars are straight ahead. so i have to look into that.

saw the cops at our camp twice. 2 nights in a row. so other tan the rain sucking azz i guess it was a good weekend.

here is a linkto the pics.


05-29-2006, 04:54 PM
That sucks about your weekend, but at least everyone is OK.

Curious about the motor mount. Where did it break at?
Yeah, the RR front end isn't the strongest on the market, but a Witches Eye will definately do it in. Blows about the ball end though. I'm thinking that I'll start carrying a spare, although I have yet to break one. I already carry a spare tie rod since I've bent a few of those.