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11-14-2005, 02:05 PM
I know that most if not all of the buggies on here are motorcycle powered but i was hoping for some help on a battery charging problem. I built a small buggie for my boys that is powered by a briggs and stratton 18hp industrial moter. The problem is the stator is designed for a 5-9 amp system and i am running two 55 watt headlights. The lights pull around 8-9.5 amps and the charging unit cant keep up. Also, the rectifier only charges when the motor is at 3600 rpm's. That's the way it was designed. so, i talked to a guy here in town and he suggested fabricating some brackets for an early 70's chevy alternator. i have the alternator from my parts 74 blazer but i was wondering if it even sounds feasable? The v belt would run off of the pull start pully. also, where do the two wires connecting to the alt. go? One says " R " the other says " F " Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! and yes, i'm a newbie.


11-15-2005, 02:17 PM

That alternator should be very easy to set up to work for you, once you fabricate a bracket for it. The "R" and "F" wire are for the rotor and field windings. Connect the "F" wire to directly to the battery output pole (through a switch, so it's only hot when the engine is running). The "R" wire is for the charging indicator light.
When you fabricate the alternator mounting bracket, make sure the alternator pulley and drive pulley are parallel and in-line with each other, or you'll throw the belt or wear it out prematurely.