View Full Version : 50% scale Shotgun II

spud nut
02-21-2017, 06:00 PM
Well, I think I am nuts but let's see what happens when we combine these parts? Do you guys think I'm nuts or will it be worth it?

Buggy Builder
02-21-2017, 06:31 PM
This is just the cabin fever getting to you. another month and spring will be here and these fevered thoughts will be gone.

02-21-2017, 06:58 PM

spud nut
02-21-2017, 07:12 PM
I want to do as close of a scale model as I can to the big brother. Then it will make a good conversation piece with them together at shows.
My brother who did the vinyl wrap will scale it down. I hope it works. I have one of my past engineering students who works for a local robotics design house is building me a large steering and brake servo out of a couple electric car window motors.


02-21-2017, 08:08 PM
Hey Spud Nut, this is a total aside, but where do you go riding? I grew up north of Parma and east of Nyssa. Way out in the wide open spaces. Or, at least it used to be when I was a kid. I didn't know I had it so good until I moved away from Idaho and landed in the middle of suburbia. :(

As far as the project, I say "go for it". It's all about having fun, isn't it?

02-21-2017, 08:24 PM
I always wanted to make an rc buggy with a 5 hp engine.

02-21-2017, 08:51 PM
Your nuts for this one. Your going to need a few servos just to make it work right. I'd pull the stock 212 carb off and pull the governor out and drop a Mikuni 22mm on it. Put a proper exhaust and intake and you'll have close to 15hp no problem.

You'll need one servo on the throttle strong enough as well as one for the brake master cylinder, then maybe 2 for steering. Then a receiver large enough for all of it, a decent battery pack and hopefully wide open space to drive it.

02-25-2017, 12:33 AM
ditch the RC aspect, have a kid and by the time you're finished, they'll be ready for it ;)

spud nut
02-25-2017, 04:06 PM
My kids are 21, 23, 25 They can build their own buggy if they want. Now I get to do the projects I want to do. I love this mid life crisis thing. I think this whole thing is more about just seeing if I can do it more than anything else. I love the challenge. :D

02-26-2017, 01:40 AM
I like your project........look here for your servo needs.....up to 1700 oz/in. of torque....