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06-17-2015, 02:27 AM
Wasn't sure where to post this but since it's built by Rorty thought here was as good as any place.

This is a project that has been on the go for a number of years and I'm making a final push to get it finished before the end of the year - depends when the buggy stuff arrives. It's designed to be road registered but primary function is a hill climb and track day car.

Basic Specs:
Chassis - RAW Engineering Striker
Engine - ZX12R, dry sump, Muzzy trumpets, Opcon Autorotor 2076 supercharger, Laminova charge cooler, hacked factory ECU, electric water pump
Drive train - drive shaft through guilbo flex disc to subbie R160 diff with Quaife ATB centre
Brakes - Wilwood 4 pot front with scalloped vented ultralite rotors, drilled solid rear rotors and Nissan calipers (with handbrake).
Tyres - 195/50R15 (old tyres on it at the moment)

There were some compromises for road registration but all up its going as planned. To comply with emissions regulations (its classed as a new car) I will need to convert it to run on liquid injection LPG (propane). It has a number of advantage including high octane (RON 112) which allows higher compression / boost combo with the supercharger and also some charge cooling (vaporises at -42 deg C). Liquid injection should allow me to use the factory ECU for injector timing - I am yet to sort this part out fully and most LPG parts manufacturers are not interested in this type of project. I have found a manufacturer of small aluminium LPG tanks though which was a major hurdle. If you have experience or contacts let me know!

In theory it should make about 220kW and 220Nm (300hp) on about .7bar (10psi) boost. Target weight is 450kg (1000lbs) for a power to weight of about 670bhp/tonne.

At least some of it is comparable to bike powered buggies!


Still working out picture uploads - if they don't work try here https://www.pinterest.com/RortyBuggies/striker/

The green and orange ones aren't mine but what the finished product looks like.

06-17-2015, 02:27 PM
I tried to post those links as photos, but it's not working.

There are some funky things with posting pix that happen here on MBN and I admit that I'm not savvy enough to figure out the software.

Wild looking machine, by the way.

06-17-2015, 09:44 PM
Thanks K-fab. Probably something to do with Google. I posted an article on rorty.net with pics and used those links

11-23-2015, 01:20 AM
Progress on the ZX12 Striker...
After a number of mods to the chassis for engine mounts, seat mounts, roll bar mounts, pedal changes and a few others, the welds got cleaned up and I wrapped it up for some touch up paint.
An hour or three later and Christmas came early with the unwrapping. Touch metal, it should just be a matter of assembly from here on.
Electric reverse is built and ready for install on top of the diff and cable holes are in for a paddle shift with ignition cut. Dry sump oil tank and radiator mounts are there as well as the mounts for the water to air intercooler.
I'm going to get it running on petrol before taking on the swap to liquid injection Propane (LPG) for road registration.