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03-10-2015, 10:17 PM
I have kept this separate from the gathering thread so as not to get it to out of sequence as this happened after all of us parted company and went our own way , me included thankfully as for once i did not get tangled in his mess . Also i wanted to put it down while it was fresh in my head as i know a few of you guys we met want to hear the full story.

Disclaimer ,,,, Depending on your point of view this is either very funny or very stupid . lol.

Ok so here is the story of the Smiths lil run in with the AZ police .

K fab takes Smith to the bike hire place to pic up the BMW 1200 rt , he is very impressed with the electric adjustable screen [ which comes in handy later ] and he asks the sales guy does it do a wheelie.
And in answer to your question K fab yes it does but not a very good one and it takes alot of effort .


Off he goes and heads up through Jerome , Sedona , and on to Flaggstaff. Went from Flagg and headed west to Kingman .

This section is the longest stretch he had been on and it was time to see just what the big BM had in her . So he winds up the big girl to full noise and to his amazement the cruise control actually still functions at wfo , He finds out that it is all said and done at about 128 mph, then he remembers the electric screen and starts to have a play with that and begins to trim it up and down like a boat and finds that at just the right angle he gets the thing to 135 mph . So this is pretty cool so he decides to wiggle his way back on to the passenger seat get his phone out and take happy snaps of the dashboard with the cruise set on flat out and obviously no hands on the bars . But to his disapointment he realizes that by the time he gets all the way back there and gets the shot the wind he is dragging has slowed the bike to around 110 mph which was the best he could do after several attempts .


Unfortunately at this time a police officer goes past the other way , ooops, so he climbed back down to the riding position and buttoned right off and watched the mirrors to see if the officer slammed on the brakes and turned around , which he did not see him do , so he figured all was good and went back to milking the horizontally opposed twin for all it was worth . Which we now know is 135 .

So after 40 miles or so he was coming to a town so he horned down a bit and went past a cop car partially hidden to his left , at this time he also noted one on a side road some distance away on the other side of a railway line with its lights flashing , he thought to himself hmmm some ones in trouble . As he came over a rise about a mile or so out of town he realized that someone was him .

He was greeted with 3 cop cars across the road blocking his path, lights flashing , [ i said to him yes that would be a road block Steven} so he slowed to a stop and got off, he then said with in seconds there was another 3 cop cars pulled in behind him blocking him in,so what does he do ,pulls out out his camera phone , as you do . And starts taking pics. and some one yelled something at him in a very very unhappy voice. [ along the lines of " drop the phone asshole " ]


So about now he realized he could be in a bit of trouble , so he dropped the phone and put his hands in the air . What you have to realize is at this point in time is as far as he is aware he has not done anything wrong that they would know about , apart from the cop car 40 miles ago that he passed and just kept going ,,,,, or so he thought ,, that car had turned around and gave chase but could not get near him ,, and that officer was yet to arrive on the scene .

So drops the phone and puts the hands in the air , as now they have the guns out , and he realizes this has gone very bad . They start yelling shit at him and assume the standard offset staggered stance around him so if there is a gunfight they dont shoot each other ,,, this is serious,, they start yelling shit at him about a 40 mile pursuit [ which is news to him ] and telling him he is going to jail . His answer was if you are calling this a pursuit you need faster cars . About this time the chase cop turns up in his Blazer or whatever they are and Smith asks if that thing is the worlds slowest pursuit car , and the already angry cop just got angrier, about then he realized his usual humor and smooth shit was not gonna help today , these dudes were shitty .

So one of them asked if he had a licence and was the bike registered , his answer still with the hands up was " yes all the paper work was in the paniers and if you want it get it yourself as my hands are staying up and i aint moving ".

They start going on about the serious nature of a pursuit and how much trouble he is in and he says i googled all this stuff before i left home just in case and one of the cops says ," well you should have googled Arizona" , and cuffed him and threw him in the cop car .

So back in town he sat in the lockup and it took him an hour or so before they realized he did not know they were chasing him or he would have pulled over so really from his point of view there was no chase as such . Once this was established they all started to calm down a bit, and started to joke about what they were gonna do with the dumb aussie . So after a while they let him out to make them all a coffee while they waited to hear from the boss cop what to do with him . In the mean time they swapped stories , drank more coffee , shared photos of home and our trip etc . In the end they were all laughing and joking and things were looking good . Eventually boss cop turned up and and said we are going to let you off with just a speeding fine and a warning but if you get caught again in the next 48 hours you will go to jail and you will have a conviction recorded and you will not be allowed back in the USA . So all good and they took him back to his bike , on the way one cop says how fast does the bm go and he said 135 flat out , cop says not bad . Then Smith says when you get back to the station ask the chase cop if when he passed me did he notice i was actually on the back of the bike taking pics .
He said the cop just laughed and shook his head . So he got a $300 dollar fine , which after all the coffee he drank and a lift back to his bike he figured he was out about $ 270 and 3 hours of his holiday time.

But wait there is more , about 100 miles out of LA he felt a vibe in the front end , got off and checked and noticed the tire was bulging ,,[ i wonder why ] then 60 miles out of LA on a multi lane highway she blew , he managed to keep it under control . The hire company arranged a flat top and he got picked up . The mexican driver spoke nearly no english , but Smith did manage to get out of him he was three days out of jail and this was his first tow . Smith said thats a coincidence me to .


Smiths new jail buddy , and tow truck driver.


03-10-2015, 10:57 PM
He's lucky he didn't get shot when he reached somewhere to get the phone out. Glad to hear it all worked out in the end, good story.

03-10-2015, 11:03 PM
After seeing the "wheelie and wave" trick in Ocotillo Wells, this story sounds pretty spot on for him.

Thanks for sharing Talon.

03-10-2015, 11:06 PM
You really have to have met Smitty to fully understand just how funny this is, how he was able to get away with it and have a full appreciation for the entire story.

Nobody else would have had the same results.

The mexican driver spoke nearly no english , but Smith did manage to get out of him he was three days out of jail and this was his first tow. Smith said that's a coincidence, me too. Best line of the story - I can totally hear him saying this! [smilie=lmao.gif]

03-10-2015, 11:15 PM
I would of expected nothin less frickin LOL bad boys bad boys wat ya gona do

03-10-2015, 11:19 PM
Hahahaha!!!! Nice writeup man! I can only imagine how funny this story must have been with him telling it!

I wonder if the cops needed a quick study on Rosetta Stone :D

03-11-2015, 02:58 AM
The legend of Smithy grows![smilie=bow.gif]

03-11-2015, 03:47 AM
HAHA, that was a great read. You sir are one lucky SOB.

03-11-2015, 12:41 PM
Smitty you crazy sumbitch. On the backseat at 135mph for a photo op. Just nuts!!!!!! and then to skate out of it on personality. Unbeleivable!!!!!!

03-11-2015, 01:32 PM
That was awesome!!! Thanks for sharing that.


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we need a like button somewhere for this story. Hell this should be made the front cover and a sticky........

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That.....was awsome![smilie=haha2.gif]

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Great story ... Takes me back to my days as an AM radio news reporter. Cops hate when stories like that make the press ... they tend to end up with headlines like " Aussie says US cops can't keep it up!" And of course we always had to call them to roll some tape and get a mucho appropriate sound bite for the story. Always loved having something like that land in my lap. Right to the AP and ABC and an hour later Paul Harvey's got it nationwide. :D Plus a couple extra bucks for the rights. :cool:

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Bump "Cause its been a while''

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I don't remember reading that... Glad ya bumped it. Interesting story! :D