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08-09-2014, 03:47 AM
Would a 750 bike engine be enough for an st3? I'm starting to plan ahead before i begin building anything. I just don't want to build a cool looking buggy that ends up being a turd in performance land.


08-09-2014, 10:24 AM

Have you done some research?

Giorgos has build a ST3 also, with a quite old 750cc engine! It works great as you can see on his movies.

His topic is in this same group, look it up and read it.


Good luck!

08-10-2014, 12:24 PM
I do remember seeing that build. I must have forgotten what size of motor he had used.

08-15-2014, 12:06 PM

I have used an old 750cc yamaha engine, and with the right gearing the acceleration is great and i can reach 80 mph

However a newer fuel injected engine 750 cc would kick ass on the st3

12-18-2014, 11:06 PM
What horsepower was that 750? Thinking of using a raptor 660 or 700

12-18-2014, 11:42 PM
What horsepower was that 750? Thinking of using a raptor 660 or 700A four cylinder 750 should easily make 130-140 hp.

The Raptor's making 40ish - there's a recent post with a dyno sheet on the 700's output.

12-21-2014, 03:30 AM
Oh it's a 4cyl. Starting to thing a raptor engine may not be enough... How would you rug up a reverse gear if one went with a 750 cc 4 cyl?

12-21-2014, 03:26 PM
There are a few options for reverse. The RPM trans is the best, but it's on the pricy side. You can also do the starter/ring gear setup. There are a few guys here running them. I think Glock has it, Yoshi did it, search or wait for someone to pop up and post. Did Mr Bracket have that setup?