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04-03-2014, 07:12 PM
Looking for info on the Taz cars. What is the big difference if any between the Honda vtech and the GM eco tec buggies? Is one more reliable than the other? I see the ATV Racing web site is no longer around, so can you still get parts for these buggies anymore? I've also noticed a buggy called a Coyote that has a sled motor in it. What does anyone know about these cars. Not too much info can be found on the web about them. I've narrowed it down to these cars for the fact that they will still fit on my current trailer and the wife or kids can drive them, since no one but myself can drive a stick. Any info would be appreciated. I read the thread on the Polaris Taz Cars with the Polaris and I'm not willing to have a car that loud. I'm assuming that these cars can climb most dunes at Glamis.

04-03-2014, 07:25 PM
Pretty sure ATVR site is up, it was down for updating.it may be different name though.

The rest I"ll let K-fab answer.

04-03-2014, 08:11 PM
Where to start... Man...

Okay, first off VTEC Tazcar - the last generation (they're more or less on Gen III). That thing is a vibrating monster. It required modified internal pieces for the CVT drive system and it's a nightmare.

Ecotec Tazcar - awesome machine. It's smooth, has all sorts of grunt and will run anywhere you want (then again, the VTEC will too - it's quick). Ecotec was a refined aspect of the second generation of the Taz - which included mods to the frame, such as wider passenger area, larger tubing, better shocks, etc.

Two-smoke Taz - No fun, noisy, ratty, old chassis. They were killer for a first gen car, but the automotive power plant Taz's smoke any of the sled powered cars (well... there was that 700 triple single seater that was flat out amazing, but it was a one off.)

The Taz is an extremely adaptable ride. It'll dune, desert, what ever you want. They can be set up to go where ever you desire. They've been refined and redone over the years and it's a sold, very good running machine. I don't think there's a dune out there that a Taz won't go up (other than my 2000 lb pig Deztaz and I can get it up dunes, I just have to work to make it get there - mine's a Class 10 car, not a duner, so it's a different focus).

ATV Racing is very much alive and kicking - give Neil a call if you want more info. You can reach him at (623) 516-8640. He probably knows where to find a used Taz if you're interested or I'm sure he'd love to build a new one for you. It's exceptionally well engineered and has been upgraded over the years with all sorts of things (many of which I helped discover via beating my first one - first generation - to death).

One thing, though - I have never driven the newer generation Taz in the dunes. I do know that there are many happy customers that use their Taz's for nothing but the dunes.


The Coyote is an awesome machine. I absolutely love driving them in the dunes. I have a lot of seat time in quite a few versions too. The Busa powered car rips, but it's a pain in the arse to shift. The Apex powered car is by far my favorite and it actually will outrun the Busa. Then there's the turbo charged RX-1 (pre-Apex engine - still carb'd) and it is the quickest sand car I've ever experienced. I've also driven a couple desert setup Coyotes - both Apex powered and old Rotax 800 powered.

The Coyote handles amazingly well. You have to work really hard to get the thing out of shape and even when you are, the way Jay (the guy who designed it - and ironically, used to work with Neil at ATV Racing) set it up and has it dialed in, it will pretty much catch itself and save you. It's amazingly agile and very reactive. Probably the most fun dune machine I've been in.

The Coyote, like the Taz, are both very solid cars that work exceptionally well and both of them will have support for a long time. Both Neil and Jay are very proud of their machines and stand behind them.

As stated, I've not been in a new gen Taz in the dunes (and I really would like to get some seat time in one there), but I have a hard time seeing how anything can work as well as the Coyote.

For more info on the Coyote, call Desert Dog Off Road in Fountain Hills (480) 837-0078 and make sure you talk to Jay about the machine. Do NOT talk to John - he will blow so much smoke up your arse you'll think you're in a forest fire.

If you'd like more info, pm me your phone number and I'll be happy to call you and talk your ear off.

You can't go wrong with either machine.

04-03-2014, 08:33 PM
I bought one of the first Desert Dog Coyote rails, its a Hayabusa shifter version and a kick in the pants to drive. You do have to shift, but most of the time I stick it in third and leave it there. When I want to get zipping along 4th or 5th is a blast to say the least. Suspension is great and its an easy car to drive. If you watch on Craigslist, you will see occasional deals for the Tazcar and Coyote. I have spoke with both Neil and Jay, very helpful to say the least. Do your homework and see what best suits your needs. Feel free to ask questions, and good luck!

04-04-2014, 06:56 AM
I have a Taz for since 2008 it came with a 700 pissaris 2 or 3 stroke.. LOUD, Gas hog ,under powered , And just plain LOUD . But I bought it with the plan of putttin a Apex motor in it and I did after ownin it for a month and one Glamis trip. After puttin the Apex motor in and switchin to 15" dune tires and gettin rid of the 12"( Too small for a car of this weight). Out board four piston rear brakes and a Garret turbocharger with intercooler. That boosted my HP from 155 to 240 W10lbs of boost on pump gas ,its a blast to drive .. Its does handle sweet and takes a beating

I like the Coyote .Ive riddin with one in St Anthony It was Busa powered very nice well built car . He had chain issues , go figure LOL
And as K-Fab said Jay at desert dog is a top notch dude that will return phone calls LOL . He gave me advice on turbos and among other thangs

If the price is right I dont think ya could go wrong with ether of these car's