View Full Version : Build your own simple removable Stereo

05-27-2013, 10:35 PM
Building a stereo for my buggy, using random stuff from around the shop, thought it was kind of cool so figured I'd post it for anybody that might be interested.

Its not done yet but this is what Ive got so far. I decided to reuse and old air dehumidifier tank for the shell. Figured it would be water resistant and sound ok. put the amp inside the enclosure. added a small fuse block for possible further upgrades. Used a toggle switch and a relay to power up the amp. source is fed via 3.5mm headphone to rca straight into the amp, so ipod,phone or mp3 player only. The hose inputs made perfect speaker holes and the eclosures rectangle design make it easy to mount it on the rear rack.

Ive been running it un-weatherproofed with only one channel on a single speaker with great results, hope this proves to be better and worth the effort :)

Ill post more pictures when I'm finished if anyone's interested