View Full Version : Edge sidewinder shocks axle hubs steering column help

11-27-2011, 03:56 PM
Hi I'm buildin a sidewinder frame completely built for 400

I want to know what front hubs I should use and how to set them up to steer

What shocks I should use would a fox air shock pr2 be ok for the rear and raptor 660 shocks for the front be ok
The steering column stem etc how do I set this up and where could I buy a boss
Last but not least how do I set up the rear axle really confused how. Can I put it on and centre it and make it stay in place I have bearings for the rear swingarm but how can I attach the Huns properly because I can't put grooves on the axle

Going to get a donor bike 200-300

Do u think it's possible to this for about 900 all together I can get it painted for free

Many thanks