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09-19-2011, 04:31 AM
Comet Torque Converter TAV2 Go Kart Cart Minibike #41

Comet TAV2 Torque-A-Verter Converter -

This is an asymmetrical type torque converter system which means the sheave faces are non-symmetrical. They have different angles. In this case, the moveable sheave face is 18" while the stationary sheave face is 2-1/2" for a collective angle of 20-1/2". Here are some reasons for selecting the asymmetrical concept. The Torque-A-Verter can attain an .90:1 or 10% overdrive.

Cast Aluminum Backplate
6" OD Driven
Drive Clutch Engagement: 2200 RPM
Drive Belt: 3/4" Top Width - Asymmetrical
Drive Clutch Bore: 1" with 1/4" Keyway
HP: Up to 8 HP (2 Cycle / 4 Cycle)
Sprocket: #41, 10T
Part # 218355

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09-19-2011, 08:13 AM
First off this is not a TAV2, its a Chinese copy. I have one and its a cheap replacement for a TAV2. The belt cover fits like crap and the stock belt sucks, had to replace it with an actual Comet belt.

Second, except for an old Tecumseh engine, what engine under 9HP has a 1" shaft? My Honda 6.5 and clone 6.5 both are 3/4" shafts. Also my clone TAV2 has a 3/4" bore.

Third, why would I want to deal with buying/shipping from a company located in China? I can get 5 TAV2 copy's from Ebay right now and actual Comet TAV2s from an unknown amount of company's located right here in the USA.