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08-04-2010, 09:27 PM
I din't get any pictures. My daughters have both asked the question, my overly cautious wife asks the same question each time we are at the dunes, new duners ask it, ....." How do you know that there isn't someone on the other side of the hill?".....

I answer, "You don't ...... just be smart".

Well, I was involved in my first on dune vehicle - vehicle crash on Sun. 8/1. The first one since starting in the dunes in 1975 with my dad in his Bronco ! Not one accident in all of my STUPID young days of launching the CR500 as far as I could, or the 250r Quad days, racing with 20 of my dumbest buddies, and nobody willing to lift. No, I get rear ended in my newly christened mini-buggy when it stalled as my daughter and I crested "test" hill at the silver lake sand dunes.

It turned out that my charging system wasn't working, buggy wouldn't fire. At this point the rear of my rail was still clearly visible from the front side of the hill. I figured, no big deal, roll it forward, and bump start it on the down hill. As I went through the process of rolling forward, getting it in the right gear - all while trying not to send the rail and my daughter down the hill with out me, the rail had rolled JUST far enough forward that it no longer visible.

I had just got my butt flat in my seat, when ...WHAM .... we got shoved about 10 ft forward. A long travel V-8 rail didn't notice the guys in the truck pointing at us, and crested just slow enough to bring the front end down -right smack into the rear of my buggy.

A quick check to make sure every body was ok, retrieval of the yard sale items left on the hill, it was now time to asses the damages. This looks like a good place to mention that my rail was welded up by a friend that owns a buggy rental business in Silver Lake. He has see every way that a mini-buggy can break. I joked a little bit when I first saw it .... like is this a rail, or a tank .... now I'm VERY thankfull for his knowledge,and it's application on my rail.

I drove away from the wreck. The LT, not so much.

I'll fill in some more details - with a cpl pics of the rail - where it was hit a little later.

08-04-2010, 10:40 PM
Yup you gotta have a spotter if you are gonna do much jumping. Or risk it.

I also know about the fools who pay NO mind to people warning them at Silver Lake. I have been at several accidents including flipped vehicles and injured people and I am not much of a medic so I leave that to the well trained people and I have several times parked what it was I was riding or driving right in front of the accident atop the hill and stood on the hilltop to wave fast drivers around. the sides so no more people got involved.

I have had many people when I am doing this curse at me and give me the finger. Which is insane as there is like more than 1/4 miles of other hill to either side they can go around.

I HAVE been doing this once at bad accident and a guy stopped on the hill top and started some shit with me. One of the Sherriffs was there on his quad and since the medical help had arrived the Sherriff backed up from the victim. He saw this guy giving me shit when I was aiding the Sheriff with duners so he drove up there and talked they guy into not getting a ticket by calming down and apologizing!

Funny part is the guy was a shrimp and I am 6 foot 2 and 275 plus pounds. I told he cop if he would look the other way I could have handled it.

The Issue you had with the buggy is also why a flag at the back is not a bad idea either. It cannot always help but sometimes it can.

08-05-2010, 11:01 AM
I'm glad to hear that nobody was hurt.

We go to the Little Sahara sand dunes here in Utah all the time, but we tend to camp at the north end of the dunes. It's quieter and more family friendly and accidents are pretty rare. The crazy riders camp on the south end, near Sand Mountain, and the EMT's stay pretty busy down there.

You're right -- you don't know what's on the other side of the dunes. When we go out dune riding, I usually take the lead so I can set the pace and keep a keen eye out for trouble. Some of the riders who go out with us are not experienced dune riders and they don't always remember to slow down before cresting a dune. I try to bring them back in one piece. :o