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06-27-2009, 08:58 PM
Guys I'm new to this website, but since it has a forum specifically dedicated to the SAE Baja series I thought that I would post up the links to the 2009 Olympic College SAE Baja build thread and website. . .

. . .this was our first year competing in the SAE Baja and we built our entire buggy for $6000. . .I think that we did pretty good considering it was our first year, our budget, we are a 2 yr. community college, and the fact that it was 4 welders who designed and built the entire thing in 3 months!!!

We competed in the SAE Oregon event (our only event this year. . .budget. . .); out of 95 entries we placed 56th overall, 51st in acceleration (with only one-wheel drive at the time that we did the acceleration run. . .the Polaris rearend didn't hold up so well. . .), 50th in design, 49th in the 4 hr. endurance race, 31st in cost, and 24th in sales presentation; we were unable to compete in the hill climb, rock crawl, or maneuverability event because of the problem with the Polaris rear-end and the fact that we spent about 5 hrs. troubleshooting the Polaris rear brake. . .turns out the rotor got to us and had a dished profile so the brake pad wasn't making full contact with the rotor and our rear wheels weren't locking up for the brake test. . .once we got that figured out we were off and rolling did our first acceleration run (which caused the right side drive axle to pull out of the rear end housing past the cheesing circlip Polaris has to hold the axles in place. . .after that we had to call it a day and we ended up having to weld the rearend drive bearing races up so that the axle couldn't pull out anymore. . .

. . .anyway we are starting a clean sheet of paper design for next years event in Bellingham, WA and I will start a new thread for that once I have some stuff to post on it. . .without further ado here are the links to what we came up with for our first year:

Build Thread
First year SAE Baja Challenge Competitors. . . - race-dezert.com (http://www.race-dezert.com/forum/showthread.php?t=57864)

www.myspace.com/olympic_sae_baja (http://www.myspace.com/olympic_sae_baja)

Let me know what you think!!!