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05-09-2009, 10:22 AM
here is a class I started and got going .it is open to all builders and is fast and affordable .I dont know how to forward the link so go to www.bitd.com (http://www.bitd.com) and click car and truck rules it is on page 53-53 here is rules in a nut shell
"stock"2.2 or 2.4 ecotec
103" w/b
85" width
all nessesary safty equip as listed per BITD

05-09-2009, 10:53 AM
this class is also recognized by MORE , MDR , SNORE , DRIVE , GLENN HELLEN ,SCORE with a few exeptions in score.SCORE 2.2 only no bypasses 2 shocks per corner.

05-09-2009, 12:06 PM
I'm in the process of putting a 2.2 Ecotec in my car right now. No more Class 10 and the dreaded PITA Honda buzz bomb.

Hopefully my first outing with the car being race ready will be Whiplash's Snowflake race over Labor Day Weekend.

05-11-2009, 08:42 AM
I was just on BITD's site this weekend reading through the Class 3000 rules. Very cool!!!

05-11-2009, 09:02 AM
I'm in the process of putting a 2.2 Ecotec in my car right now. No more Class 10 and the dreaded PITA Honda buzz bomb.

Hopefully my first outing with the car being race ready will be Whiplash's Snowflake race over Labor Day Weekend.

Well hurry up! I wanna race with you. I will probably be racing Pro 10 class. I wonder if Whiplash will have a 3000 class or enough ecotec cars by then. I remember there being a trophylites and and a x-18 racing out there last year. Maybe fusion and predator can get some more ecoteckies out there and you will have a class... Whiplash's Snowflake is a fun race to go to and unlike any other desert race I have been to.

05-11-2009, 09:23 AM
Run it in Class 12 - Unlimited. I'm thinking we'll probably run the pro class instead of the regular Sportsman class, but that's still to be seen.

05-11-2009, 09:43 AM
we are currently looking cor a arizona C1 LITE dealer to start filling the whip[lash races up with ecotec cars. K fab if its not to late contact me on a 2.4 ecotec way more power same price.

05-11-2009, 01:10 PM
Thanks for the info Fusion! Not at all trying to hijack, but I have a Shotgun buggy that is legal in this class, is ready to go, and will be for sale in about 3 weeks- I have not posted it anywhere yet (I'm busy with school until June), but it was built on this board, so I thought I'd mention it here first. If you wanna race, it may be an affordable way to get in- the car absolutely screams ;-)

05-11-2009, 05:25 PM
I think this class is awesome. I have been following it since the beginning and the one thing i'm surprised about is that it hasn't taken off as much as i thought it would. It seemed to have a lot of interest at the start. I hope it keeps slowly building and the car counts keep increasing. The C1 lites are cool and i hope you can get some out here in Arizona so i can check them out. The trophy lites are now being built out here in AZ so we will probably see more of those around in the future. I'm more of a buggy guy so will probably go that route when the time comes. Damn economy sucks. I know when i get out of debt in the next year or so i will be looking into getting something and this class is on the top of my list.
K-fab keep an eye on the whiplash site as i've heard rumors the snowflake race might change weekends. BLM is pressuring them and also possibly moving the race to a new location up their. Don't know if any of this is true just internet rumors. You mentioned class 12, isn't 12 for beam cars or is whiplash different then the rest? Anyways just a heads up on the Race and get that car done. I still want a ride :D
For now i will have to stick to the triple e and the dirt bike.

06-08-2009, 09:05 AM
I just don't understand why different organizations have different rules for this class?
Yes other organizations Recognize this class but almost each of them have their own set of rules.
SCORE's rules say 2.2 ecotec, no bypass shocks, way different weight the car must weigh, 105 inch wheel base etc. and are called class 2's.
Then they have the class 4 cars which is the open class with a 2.2 ecotec and the rest is open.
This includes wheel base, width, even single seater, weight etc.
Why is everyone so different?

This means if I build a SCORE legal car that has a 105 inch long wheelbase and does not weigh enough I can not race it at BITD or maybe Whiplash etc. that has their own rules and does not recognize SCORES rules as the official rules of this class.
So does SCORES rules over ride all others? Are they the official rules everyone will be recognizing now? Do I build my next car per SCORE rules like I have done in the past for all my other cars? Or go by your rules you have set up?
[smilie=dunno.gif] See I just don't know? I will talk to my race promoter and see but if I want to go catch a mint 400 like I have in the past or the Vegas to Reno will my car not pass tech? Being 1300 I don't have these problems but when I switch back into a class I want to be 100% sure what I am getting into and building it for. Like my old class 1200 car it is the same everywhere only the number changes from organization. My wife's old Class 5 car and both my brothers class 9 and 11 cars all the same.
I just don't understand why everyone is not on the same page when it comes to the rules in this class??? :confused::confused::confused:

I can't get my wife to change to an ecotec anyways so I guess it don't matter but If I saw at least 5 cars show up and race every race then I would be one board but so far that has not happened.
Maybe next year and maybe economy will pick up enough for me to build my own car and drop in the ecotec.
Pepper already said I can build my own car as long as I leave Kitt alone for her. ;):D

Trust me this is a great class I should know I built my car before the rules even came out and before they started building them. So I totally love the class as my car was built for this class.

:confused: I was a little confused also by why this class has not taken off, but I think it just has to do with economy. The cars are a great idea and perfect for racing etc. but the economy has really slowed the growth of this class. Plus the cars cost is just not as low as an economy class can be. XV-18 are making cars for almost half the price? Add on all the race gear and your still lower priced? So I think if the cost was lower and it was truly an economical class then more people could afford it.
If people offered a lower cost more economical entry level race car then I think more people would get into it also. Then the customer could upgrade parts etc. as they like or want to.
That's my thought of why it has not taken off as much as it could have.

Anyways I love the class an hope to see more of you Mini Buggy type of people racing in this class because a car with a 105 inch or less wheel base is pretty mini. Ya not motorcycled powered but
still mini compared to the size of the other class race cars out there.

06-08-2009, 09:20 AM
I've heard that BITD allows the 2.4 while SCORE says 2.2

Yup, they are working hand in hand! [smilie=icon_razz2.:

I've put the 2.2 in my car and I'll run where I am allowed. (provided I ever get the darn thing put together!)

06-08-2009, 10:47 AM
I personally have no intention of running SCORE, so I'm not too concerned with their rules. But, mine comes with the 2.2. For everything else I'm following BITD rules, and I'll be good to race with any group. Class 4 in SCORE. Class 3000 in BITD or MORE, etc. I may not be the most competitive in every class, but I can run. For whatever reason, BITD requires a blue light on the rear whereas MORE does not. So far, that's the only major difference I've found between the two.

06-10-2009, 01:17 PM
Every other sanctioned body I have checked with for racing other than BITD says they follow the SCORE rules and rule book. So say you want to go race a MINT race, or over to a Whiplash event, or a MORE, SNORE, DRIVE or MDR race then you will actually be following the SCORE rules.
You say you want to run with MORE? They follow the SCORE rule book not the BITD rules.

(Heck Arts tech and safety for MORE, MDR etc. will have an official SCORE rule book at tech to answer or dispute any problems or questions that come up. Or he will contact Savage himself.)

BITD rules are only for them. They wanted to make their own rules and changed all the class numbers etc. So they are the ones being different. So if you follow their rules you will only run with them.

Now does some stuff cross over? Yes and will MDR, MORE, SNORE let you run? Probably but if the class grows then the rules will be more Enforced at these events and you can find yourself in between a rock and hardspot... So I don't run at SCORE either but they are the most common and widely used rules out at most sanctioned events.

In most classes all the rules are the same except maybe the addition of a blue light etc.
But when your talking single seat, 2.4 motor, 102 inch wheel base, a set weight, width, no bypass shocks etc. for rules compared to an open class car then people are sure as heck going to want to know what the rules are and why are their different rules for the same class.
So you can pass the open class rules for SCORE with the 2.2 motor so no worries. But that means a guy can show up in a smaller lighter, longer, single seat car and also run against you.

Just something for people to think about before they decide to buy or build a race car for this class.

06-10-2009, 02:22 PM
Good input. I didn't realize that BITD did their own thing. I thought they followed SCORE's rules like everyone else. But MORE isn't following SCORE's rules for Class 2/4 with their Class 3000. Unless I'm totally mistaken. It was my understanding that MORE Class 3000 was where the Ecotec Minis fit, both the buggies and trucks......

06-11-2009, 06:34 AM
I thought BITD and everyone but score were adapting the same rules for this class if i'm not mistaken:confused:

06-11-2009, 10:14 AM
Well first off the class is brand new. So Brian from Fusion came to MORE and other organizations with rules that fit his cars and asked to set up a class and was given the ok as no other rules were out for this class.
So they are not using Bitd rules they are using rules that Brian had approved and was given the ok on. Brian also got a large amount of fellow racers, builders and people of interest to submit new rules to Score and Bitd to have actual sanctioned racing rules accross the board.
Score did not go with the groups rules and made up there own rules.

This is where the problem has come in. As of right now the other organizations are using Brians and the groups with the input of such racers as Pistol Petes rules with the trucks and buggies all in the group.
Score did not make this ruleing and like I said just released some of their own official Score rules a month or so ago.

See the problem? :confused:
As all these other organizations run Score rules they are going to have to make a judgement on which rules to follow. Brians and the groups rules or the new official Score rules?
They are not Bitd rules they are Brians, Petes and the groups rules that all came together and set up what they thought would be best. Bitd has made them their official rules. Others follow them but now that Score rules are out what will they do?

Now do you see the complications this has caused. Yes in the past almost every race promotor was using the rules set up by Brian and his group but now that Score has released their official rules that will be included into the next official rule book this is where my concerns come in.

I race with MORE and have raced with both Snore and MDR and they all say they follow the official Score rules. So if I show up and use the official new rules written in the Score rule book I am able to race and will pass tech. Or will I? Not sure but I want to use the official Score rules.

As this is a new class I do know some rules have been followed and some are more of a guide line or open to the promotors of the class like Brian did set up the rules at MORE but do to them not meeting the 10 cars per class rule to make it an official class other class 3000 cars have been let in and even running different egines Like VW, Rotory etc.! That is a big difference, not to mention wheel base etc. Promotors still need to keep numbers and entries up so may make their own ruleing on this matter. Especially for this being a very new class.

Later on if/when this class grows I would expect them to make a ruleing on who they will follow or as soon as one racer disputes another racer for cheating or what not then the promotor will be held to make a calling or ruleing on which rules they are going with. Maybe the answer might be "Both" for now until more cars race etc. Not sure as I am not the promotor just a racer building cars for this type of racing and waiting for the time and money to do some racing in this class myself.

The only problem is a racer with a single seat weighing 1,000 pounds less and having the same engine and an open wheel base and width can show up and race you if you race outside of Bitd.
BITD allows the 2.4 Score does not, Score allows single seat, wider width, any weight, Bitd does not, and so on.
I think Bitd will not change their rules. So this may cause some lower numbers for them it may not.
But building a Score legal car can get you stuck not racing Bitd with the more open rules Score has set up. Basically a 2.2 ecotec buggy and you can race it. Pretty simple really.
Really it is not to big of a deal unless you built your car for Score and want to race Bitd then you may actually not pass their tech. Everywhere else you may be fine or may not.
As of now it is a pretty new class so you can pretty much race where ever you like and get in.
But I am waiting for the day when they get enough cars and a ruleing gets made.
larger motor, single seat, weight, wheelbase etc. is huge in racing so at some point a rules clarification will have to be set to make it fair.
As the Fusions and many other builders cars have 2.4 and rotory engines as of now they can not race at Score?? Seems weird to me. Hopefully Score will change this ruleing when the new rule book comes out.

As I build cars for this class and my car was the first car actually built to race in this class I am always reading, talking and looking into where this class is going. Other than Brian I know of no one
else who would know more info on this than him.
PM or contact him for more info.

Like I said you are good to race just about any organization but be ready for a lot of different variations of both style and builds to race against you for now.
Full Potential cars run rotory engines and are grandfathered in, MORE runs VW engines to get more entries into this class. Trucks run in this class at some organizations. MORE the trucks and buggies used to be split but looks like they are also running together? (Not sure will look into it.)

Well sorry went on a bit but hope that sheds some light onto things.
As this is a new class it is still growing and may have some growing pains but for now most everyone is open to, if you built it bring it and race it. No worries like I said for now I am just looking to design my cars to be able to race into the future and at any orgainization.
But it looks like I would severaly limit my cars if I use the BITD rules and build them also to be able run at SCORE...

06-11-2009, 10:21 AM
Thanks for filling in some of the blanks Tut. With MORE you said that the buggies and trucks are split. Aren't they all Class 3000? More important to me, are the buggies Class 3000?

06-11-2009, 10:32 AM
You know good question so I went to MORE and under the current points per class there are only
the Trophy Lite class points posted. So they must have combined the 3000 class and all Lites like
the other organizations. I see the names of the 3000 class buggy guys I know on the list so I know they are all in one.

Like I said MORE has allowed different engines etc. to get the numbers up on this class so I would not be surprised if they are all one like other organizations. ;)

Hmm good question I will ask Jim at the next race some more info and see.

What's the wheel base of your car? What is the width? What is the weight?
All of these is what limits you to racing at Bitd or organizations that follow the same rules.

The rest your all set.
Racing at MORE your fine no problems either way as far as I have seen.


12-17-2009, 09:28 AM
SCORE is starting to see a trend and the class 4 is actually growing. class 2 was just ran with 2 cars with bypasses on all 4 corners which is against their own rules so I think the light is getting seem by score. I will call Jim. Casey, and Bill today and see where the field sits in the standard "cant we all get along" cause.

01-04-2010, 10:07 AM
I'm a little confused, I've been looking into these and from what I can tell BITD and others all seem to have come out first and are all on pretty much the same page, then SCORE came later and is different.

The differences I found,

score 2.2 only, others allow 2.4
score minimum weight of 2400 lbs, BITD et all no minimum
Score limits shock types (no bypass), BITD doesn't.
wheelbase is smaller on score (103 vs 105)
Is this not correct? can any one give me an idea of what the weight the bitd cars are running?

01-04-2010, 11:20 AM
what is the bitd wheelbase rules? I keep reading different things. Class3000.org says 103 but i dont know which organization that applies to. I need to build new trailing arms to shorten my car from 110.

I am gonna use the 2.4 engine. Too many cars have already been built with that motor for anyone to turn them away and i dont wanna give up 20hp to them. Hell with the score rules anyway. I aint gonna build some 2400lb pig.

01-04-2010, 12:09 PM
oops sorry, score is 105, bitd is 103. got them backwards. my thoughts exactly on the weight, how much do you think yours will weigh?

01-04-2010, 12:22 PM
probably around 1800-1850 race ready unoccupied 2 seater.

01-05-2010, 11:11 PM
Just found a new website that was put up with class 3000 info

http://www.class3000.org (http://www.class3000.org/)

01-06-2010, 10:53 AM
That site is specific for the DesertLites series. Rules there don't necessarily apply to any other series or organization.

01-06-2010, 11:32 AM
Really? they are sing the BITD class 3000 rules, and referencing the other orgs rules.

01-06-2010, 12:05 PM
Yeah, it's based on BITD rules, modified.

01-06-2010, 12:37 PM
Eric, do you know when the schedule for that series will be announced? I would like to plan for some of them.

01-06-2010, 12:57 PM
They're voting on the races right now. Honestly, it's not looking too good to be organized this year. I'm planning to run MORE this year. Sign up on the forum and/or email the site admin, or s@ndm@n here. He'll send you the link to vote.