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12-16-2008, 09:28 PM
Big Blue Baja

Who's running CVT and who's on a shifter? We're running a CVT now and are looking for a 3 speed w/o reverse. Anyone running a packaged trans or is everyone building their own?

See you'll in Milwaukee 2009

06-27-2009, 08:40 PM
We ran a 5-spd manual transmission from an '82 YZ250 dirtbike backed by a Comet HD centrifugal clutch. . .

. . .we cut the transmission portion off of the 2-stroke Yamaha engine, welded case up anywhere that it would leak because of divorcing it from the crank-case, cut a cover out of aluminum with our optical tracer/plasma cutter set-up and called it good. . .

. . .worked just fine. . .we could have used an additional gear for the long straight aways though. . .maybe even two. . .we will probably be running a CVT this next based on our experience this year. . .

. . .I don't think that the CVT's are better. . .in fact, I dislike CVT's a LOT and try to avoid them at every opportunity, but I don't have the time and our school doesn't have the budget for me to fab a manual tranny that will give me the top end we need without sacrificing the ability to crawl the hills. . .

. . .if you have the money I would stick with the manual. . .it won't break a belt, and it won't slip when it gets wet. . .

BTW. . .I may be in Washington now, but I'm originally from Southern Illinois. . .I went to SIU-C back in '97/98 straight out of highschool. . .spent the last 8 years in the Navy as a Nuclear Machinist Mate and now I'm back in school for welding and technical design so that I can make my own desert trucks and buggies!!!