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  1. First race of the season
  2. Snow fences suck
  3. Warning, grafic description, not for squemish......
  4. ProtoLite, 1st flat track race and test
  5. Memorial Day at Saint Anthonys
  6. after ride Silver City Idaho. 8 july
  7. lesson learned while camping
  8. My kind of skeet shooting!
  9. My last ride on my dirt bike
  10. Joey's crash.
  11. The mother of all car stunts.
  12. Airshow mishaps
  13. Guy jumps a train........
  14. Bike for spare parts
  15. Don't race the lappers
  16. Amazing Jump
  17. Doug Heim's Wreck
  18. I can officially flip anything...
  19. spec. pulls a doug heim
  20. The dangers of rubbing wheels...
  21. How lucky (or stupid) were they?
  22. Where is my trailer?
  23. Wow, long weekend.
  24. not for the faint of heart....
  25. CHM TT250 qualifying video.
  26. Not entirely off-road related, but why I'm here
  27. So. Cal. Buggy Bash (Pic Heavy)
  28. 350 Odyssey double end over end
  29. Another painful lesson on video
  30. gloves for WET and COLD
  31. Flip Flopped the Pilot!
  32. How Smooth is Bob's
  33. My neck hurts ...
  34. The Doodle Bug Got It!
  35. one of my MANY crash n burns
  36. Ejected at 40 mph
  37. Opening Your Speech
  38. Rage buggy burn down @ DP
  39. Towing frame on front end
  40. Jump and roll over....
  41. Multiple Kill Vehicle
  42. Dancing Drakart
  43. Classic end over end crash
  44. Seriously quick JIMCO
  45. worst buggy crash
  46. Some poor driving.......
  47. I could always just wait for the snow to melt ...
  48. Best Christmas Present Ever
  49. Smithy meets the AZ cops
  50. Hit it Harder?
  51. Shrub removal fail
  52. Don't ride with this guy!
  53. Stunt bike rev limiter coasters
  54. trail riding in MI
  55. Video of blowing up tire and Motor