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    03 zx6rr 600? Or 03 zx6r 636? or ZZR 600? I ask because the 03 zx6rr and the 03 zx6r would be fuel injected and an 01 zx6r will not be.

    The diagram for an 01 would not help if you have the zx6rr 600 or the zx6r 636.
    If you have an 03 carburated 600 then it is likely a ZZR, in which case the 01 diagram should be very close.

    I know the 03 zx6r 636 and the 03 zx6rr 600 Have 2 different fuel injection systems. The 600 will have an extra set of injectors in the air box, the 636 will only have the injectors on the fuel rail.

    The 636 engine id # will start with zx636 and the engine id# on the 600 will start with zx600.
    The engine id# can be found just behind the clutch release lever on the right side of the engine case.

    Now all this goes out the window if you don't have the year

    On the 03 zx6r and the zx6rr You can bypass the clutch switch and the side stand switch by simply grounding the neutral safety switch wire. That will tell the computer that the bike is in neutral. There should be a green wire going to a sensor just below the shifter output shaft, unplug the green wire and ground it. If you did it right your neutral light will stay on even when in gear.

    This wont fix the problem if you're missing the tip over/bank angle sensor or if you have the arrow on the sensor pointing in any other direction than up..

    Like mentioned above you can fill the tip over/bank angle sensor with silicone just make sure you have it in the run position. IIRC it has brass ring that slides to either side to kill the motor.
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    Re: 2003 zx6r help
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    Check you've got at least 12.5v at the battery.
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