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    A Arm tubes
    Hi im currently building an st4 and im starting to build the a-arms but the plans call for a weird size of rectangular tubing which i cannot find in my country so i'm thinking of using two angle bars plasma cutting them to the right size then clamping them together with a piece of wood in the middle so the size is right then welding them together to form a rectangular tube.

    What do you guys think about this, will it be strong enough?

    I cant use a different size of tubing because i have already machined the bushings and bushing holders

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    Re: A Arm tubes
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    This sounds a lot like something you would see in the desert racing community. This is a labor intensive way to do it, but if built right they are very strong. I don't see any reason that wouldn't work.

    Nowhere near the desert.
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    Re: A Arm tubes
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    I agree with deranged. I think it will be fine.
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