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    rod ends? which ones to buy????
    I bought the heim joints for my project 1/2" male RHT. I need to buy the tube bungs to fit these heim joints. Do i buy RHT or LHT? thanks
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    Re: rod ends? which ones to buy????
    if all of your heim joints are 1/2 rht (right hand thread) than you would need rht bungs
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    Re: rod ends? which ones to buy????
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    If your application requires an adjustment you will be better off with putting a right-hand threaded bung/heim and a left-hand bund/heim assembly on either end of the rod. You will get tired of un-bolting adjusting and re-bolting pretty quick.
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    Re: rod ends? which ones to buy????
    id rather go with adjustable. so since all my heims are RHT.....i would need to buy LHT bungs?
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    Re: rod ends? which ones to buy????
    Need to step back a minute and think this one out. It's way more simple than you're making it.

    You match nuts and bolts by whether or not they are LHT (Left Hand Threaded) or RHT (Right Hand Threaded). A LHT bolt does not work with a RHT nut.

    Now, if you want your tie rod, for example, to be adjustable without unbolting it, then you make a turn-buckkle type set up. One end of the rod will be threaded RHT with a RHT Heim and the other end of the rod will be LHT with a LHT Heim. That way if you turned the body of the rod one way, they both tighten; turn it the other, they both loosen.

    If you put LHT on both ends (or RHT on both ends), then when you turn the body of the tie rod, it just loosens one side while tightening the other by the same amount. Then you have to un-bolt the tie rod to adjust it.

    If your application just use one Heim joint to connect something to the frame, then it doesn't REALLY matter which you buy - they're both adjustable, as long as the welded bung and heim joint both have the same type of thread.

    For being "simple", that sure is a long-winded explanation!
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    Re: rod ends? which ones to buy????
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    Cujo6984 is correct and ChuckC said it perfectly.. I just wanted to add:

    Your A arms lets say will be 1/2" RHT rod ends then you will want to use 1/2" RHT bungs to whatever size tubing your making your a arms out of. (for example)
    That's it. You have to match Rod ends to Bungs.. in thread and size of thread. Then outside O.D. of bung needs to match your tubing size your using.

    But your Tie Rods you would be better off making one side of it 1/2" RHT rod end threaded into a 1/2" RHT Bung but on the other side you would want to use a 1/2" LHT rod end and a 1/2" LHT Bung.
    This will give you the ability to turn the tie rod and adjust your tires in or out with out having to unbolt the tie rod each time to make adjustments.

    On another side note sometimes when buying bungs you have to buy them to match the Wall Thickness of the inside diameter of your tubing. IE if your using 1" tubing you need to know the wall thickness of the pipe. .095 or .120 for example. Sometimes bungs come machined like this.
    Just wanted to add that.
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