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    Master cylinders, size
    Hi Guys,

    I'm wondering if the Master cylinder specified in the plans will be correctly sized for the specified brake and clutch setup.
    I've read a few posts reg. other buggy models, f.ex. SS1000 and the R16, that the guys use a 0,75" master cylinder for the front wheels, but a smaller for the single rear caliper, and even smaller for the clutch (to give enough travel on the clutch-pedal.

    However, for the ST4, the plans specify 0,75" masters for both front, rear and clutch.

    Do anyone have any inpuit on this, and some pointers as to the sizes they are using?


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    Re: Master cylinders, size
    Due to some glitch (or me pressing "submit" more than once), the thread has been posted twice.
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    Re: Master cylinders, size
    Depending what motor you're running, the atv rear brake cylinders work great for a clutch master cylinder for motor powered cars.
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    Re: Master cylinders, size

    I've already purchasd the Wilwood pedal assembly and 3 x 0,75" Wilwood master cylinders for rear & front brakes and clutch - same parts as specified in the ST4 plans. I've thought of adapting the stock rear master cylinder from the SV1000 (i bought a complete bike, and still have all parts), but i'd actuallt rather use a similar wilwood master, but with smaller bore if needed - that way it's an easy bolt-on alteration.
    I'll be running a 2003 SV1000 engine.

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    Re: Master cylinders, size
    The small clutches on the motorcycle transmissions don't like full sized master cylinders. The clutch will engage too fast. Using a smaller atv/motorcycle brake master cylinder will allow for a more nature feel and travel.
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