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    Re: Shredder 2
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    I am inviting all the Shredder builders to check out my build.

    I have learned a lot from reading your threads and appreciate it!

    Check out my POS build! What is it?!
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    Re: Shredder 2
    Good day to everyone been awhile since I have posted anything on here, But I have some new news I will be rebuilding my shredder. I am going to make some changes to the front end most defiantly get new shocks all around oh and the most exciting part I got a new powerplant it is a 1993 gsxr 750
    The bike has been laid down and needs some minor work to get it running I again will post plenty of photos when things start happening. Hey Lugs I will probably asking you more questions as I go but can't wait to get this up and running again.
    Take care and have a great year more to follow!
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    Re: Shredder 2
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    We're looking forward to it. The Shredder forum has been quiet since ubuilditplans closed down shop a couple of years ago. I believe that the plans are still being sold, but I haven't seen any new builds show up on the forums as a result, so . . . you're it.
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