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    My st2 buggy build!
    First: I live in finland (but speak swedish) so I want to excuse for any bad english that may occur

    Ok, Im pretty new to this site but I have been reading alot of treads here lately.
    first heres a little about me
    as you may see my name is Jesper,Im 15 years old and I really need something to do with my spare time cause right now Im just laying in my coach playing playstation
    I have basic metallworking skills and alot spare time so I figure a buggy project would be perfect for me
    also a friend of mine wants to help me with the build

    I think I will go with the st2 plans from Badland Buggy

    here is my first problem:
    there is two different st2 plans for sale at badlands homepage (ST2 next generation and ST2 long travel)whats the difference between those two the only thing I can spot with my newbie eyes is that the shock mount is different on the next generation model? I'm just curios to know before I start
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    Re: My st2 buggy build!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesper View Post
    There is two different st2 plans for sale, ST2 next generation and ST2 long travel, whats the difference between these?
    The long travel version has better suspension and more travel than the next generation version.
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    Re: My st2 buggy build!
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    Good to see that you probably gonna start a Badland ST2 LT build!
    I started like you but was a bit older.. money is the biggest problem I think, but then again: you can make it as expensive as you want..

    The Long Travel ST2 is a improved version of the Next Generation..
    When you take a (good) look at the pictures you see lots of differens, big and small.

    The long travel design has more suspension cycling like the word says, also the steering arms, supension, shocks, shock mounts and uprights are improved!

    Do some research, there are several ST2 builds on this forum and Bruce from Badland Buggy joined a couple of weeks ago.. you can ask him specific Badland questions if you have them.

    Good luck and have fun!

    I'm building my personal Badland's ST2 Long Travel
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    Re: My st2 buggy build!
    thanks for the response!
    I will buy the long travel plans today

    right now, my dads garage is occupied by my brother's stupid wv Golf so i will not be able to start the build before next week
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