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    Charging issue on GSXR 600
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    Hi folks,

    So I have a charging issue on my 2002 GSXR 600. It appears like the battery is not being charged much anymore. At idle, the battery is reading 12.3v. Once you bring the RPM up, the battery will drop as low as 10.5v. Battery is probably not the issue as it is only a 1 year old Odyssey battery... and it's a pretty big one.

    So two questions:
    • Has anyone every seen a stator burn out or is it usually the rectifier/regulator?
    • How can I check if I'm drawing too much current for the motor alternator?

    Thanks guys!
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    Re: Charging issue on GSXR 600
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    Regulator/rectifier is the more likely suspect. If you download a manual, there is a procedure to test the stator and the regulator.
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    Re: Charging issue on GSXR 600
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    I agree with Liduno the rectifier is probably suspect but the manual has a testing protocol for sure
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