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    04 05 gsxr 600 750 ignition switch bypass
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    Ok guys after hours and hours web surfing, thread surfing, chasing wires, and getting familiar with the wiring diagram...... I finally pulled it off. To be honest it is so simple it is damn near stupid. I thought this could help people save time and energy. Now this application is for those that bought an engine and only have the main harness with no ignition or has the ignition but no key. My experiment was a mock up but no bs i spent less than $5 at radio shack. $1.30 for a pack of 100ohm 1/2 watt 5% carbon resistors and a momentary push button which was two dollars and some change. I did take the tip over sensor apart and applied silicone so that i doesn't move. I don't wanna get in a bowl or awkward transition at the dunes and have it cut my engine off. The link below will help with that. I scanned my notes and they worked flawless for me. If you ran into same problem that did, I hope this helps.

    Tip Over Sensor Bypass (TOS C23) : Forum : Suzuki GSX-R Forums
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    Re: 04 05 gsxr 600 750 ignition switch bypass
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    deneef huh? you do much injection work? Ive done quite a but up here in Utah.
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    Re: 04 05 gsxr 600 750 ignition switch bypass
    I'm confused by a few things:

    1st - On the O/R and R wires that are soldered together, do you solder together and then have lead coming out of that junction that goes to a switch?

    2nd - The O and O/Y wires, do you solder them together OR does the 100k resistor go between the two? If it goes between, how do you get a lead that then runs to the switch that you show connecting the O/R and R pair to the now resisted and terminated O and O/Y pair?

    3rd - Can you elaborate on the kill switch? Is shows that if you connect the first two, it's in Run mode but if you connect the 2nd and 3rd, it engages the starter. Do you simply solder the first two together into one lead wire and then that single wire would then be on a momentary switch that connects to the 3rd?

    4th - The wiring on the fuel pump, should I assume that the two are simple power and ground?

    I'm "not bad" with home-made circuitry, just the two different diagrams have me nervous and I DO NOT want to fry my ECU.

    I'm installing a 05 GSXR750 into a street AutoX car... I don't have an ignition and I'm trying to start the darn thing before a fabricate the carrier unit that will bolt to the frame.

    Thanks in advance guys, really.

    If you want to see the car in it's previous state, with a Honda 30hp and did 90mph, go here - - The new power plant and all the work that I'm dong should change things quite a bit )
    It's crazy what a GSXR 750 motor and a GT20 turbo will do... <sinister giggle>
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    Re: 04 05 gsxr 600 750 ignition switch bypass
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    Finally pics
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