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    Wiring for Yamaha RX1 sled motor
    I need help to bypass the "TORS" on my 2003 Yamaha sled motor. Or ideas on eliminating the wires I don't need. Also will the stock vacuum fuel pumps pull up hill? I'm wanting to install the fuel tank below the carbs. If need be I will use an aftermarket fuel pump. How much fuel pressure do mikuni carbs like?
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    Re: Wiring for Yamaha RX1 sled motor
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    Try searching under "Deztaz" and see if you can find the wire harness diagram that I've posted. I'm not sure where it is - and if you can't find it, let me know and I'll see if I can dig it out of another computer.
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    Re: Wiring for Yamaha RX1 sled motor
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    The carb switch for TORS has two wires. One black white stripe, one black blue stripe. These wires plug into the harness to wires with the same colors.

    To bypass TORS. Unplug the carb switch from the harness. Then plug the two harness wires into each other. This should disable the system.

    The fuel pumps do draw fuel uphill in the stock location on the sled albeit not very far. I know people who have added rear fuel cells on the back of the tunnel of their sled. 4+ more feet of draw. In this system the main tank is fed fuel from the rear tank through the main tanks vent line. The rear tank is now the vent tank and as the engine uses fuel vacume is created in the main. This vacume pulls fuel from the rear tank into the main. This continues until the rear is empty. Then it is just a vent.

    If a stock pulse pump can do that I would try using them first for your application. Remember the length and size of the pulse line has a great effect on the operation of the pump. Try to keep that stock Yamaha if possible.

    Fuel pressure/flow specs are not in the service manual. If you do need to go electric on the pump go here TY 4 Stroke - Totallyamaha :: Index. Sign up and ask in the turbo section. They will know.

    I reserve the right to change my mind if someone can prove to me it needs replacing.

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    Re: Wiring for Yamaha RX1 sled motor
    Thanks guys.
    Just one more thing worked out with help from members .

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