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    Carbide 150cc gy6 engine missing
    Hey guys my carbide has a little problem. It sounds like the engine is missing like the spark plug isn't burning the gas fast enough. I recently cleaned the spark plug myself and it didn't change anything. Spark plug is like 6 months old. What is making it miss? Spark plug?carb? What's yalls advice?
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    Re: Carbide 150cc gy6 engine missing
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    I dunno if thats a two or a four stroke but a any motor and a two stroke especially can foul a plug in under a minute. If the car b is rich and in a two strokes case you have to much oil in the gas (especailly if its cheap oil) then its even more likely to happen.

    SOMETIMES you can clean a plug and get a lil more out of it but sometimes you cannot clean it at all.

    Also if the air cleaners plugged bad and very dirty the carb will allow more gas to be drawn and can make this happen to.

    Choke stuck on? Same deal. Jets to rich? Same deal. If its got heavier jets for winter and they were not changed back in the spring...

    Of course there could be several other problems with the machine. Plugged exhaust? Loose wiring? Stuck or sometimes sticking open float?
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