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    Hunting/UTV Buggy Plans?

    I am looking for plans to build a buggy that would be good not really for speed but for going down trails to remote hunting spots at timberline and trucking out a kill. I was looking at something similar to the Ridge Runner (see link below) but I gather that is a production product.

    What I was hoping is someone could point me in the right direction. The buggy should have 4wd if possbile but it should be more for torque than speed. I wont be flying along at 50mpg but rather cruising along with a heavy load. The buggy must be able to seat two even if it must be close quarters and it must be able to carry some gear.

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    Re: Hunting/UTV Buggy Plans?
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    welcome to the site.

    Dollar for dollar you are gonna be HARD PRESSED to beat buying a good used RZR or a Rhino.

    It sounds like they are JUST what you are looking for. No one I am aware of sells plans for a 2 seater with 4wd.

    Kubota even makes one (a 4x4 side by side seater) with a compelte cab with heat AND AC in case you like to go out in nasty weather but you will pay a tad more for that. (lots more really)

    Still if you wish to build a big queston is how much wheel travel do you want?

    Two IRS car diffs each facing the center with a shaft between them would be cheap and tough and could be got with gears deep enough to turn some big tires which would help you not get stuck. Just need to figure out what you are gonna spin that center shaft with.

    Whats you projected budget for this?
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    Re: Hunting/UTV Buggy Plans?
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    Cub Cadet makes a good hunting/farming UTV. It has a large bed with something like a 900lb capacity and top speed of 32mph.
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    Re: Hunting/UTV Buggy Plans?
    Well that would miss the fun of building one. And I honestly disagree. Anyone who can weld properly and tinker with engines and transmissions will easily come under the price of a new or even used UTV. In addition, the person building their own can make it to their own specs. I like a lot of things about that ridge runner but it would be handy to have the plans.
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    Re: Hunting/UTV Buggy Plans?
    They already have these already made. Polarias industries has the razor and the Ranger. 2010 Polaris RANGER 800 HD Utility Vehicle : Overview
    Then you have the Yamaha Rino.2011 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto. 4x4 Home, information
    But of course you can always make one.
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    Re: Hunting/UTV Buggy Plans?
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    You would be very hard pressed to make your own 4x4 buggy for under what the new Rhinos and Rangers sell for. A used one would be a great deal for you. Even with adequate welding and "tinkering" skills, it would still take a lot of time to do it. We've put about $5000 in our 4x2 mini-buggy but 1000's of hours of design, research, fabrication, and repairs into it as well. That's about 10 hours/week average over 1.5 years. Granted, it would go faster with a bigger garage and more tools but those are also more costly.
    New machines come with available parts and a warranty. Plus, you can go drive them right away. You can always tinker with it later on: make a full roll cage, bumbers, light bars. Just my opinion.

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