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If you would like to advertise with MiniBuggy.Net (MBN), please e-mail us for rates, pricing information, availablity and questions.

  • MBN has a thriving userbase of currently 1700 active users.
  • MBN userbase is currently growing at an average rate of over 40 users per month.
  • MBN receives over 4,000,000 views per month averaging over 139,000 views per day.
  • MBN has over 21700 pages indexed by Google and 10900 by Yahoo!

  • MBN demographic consists of mostly males between the ages of 21 and 65 who are internet savvy and are interested in the offroad industry.
  • Pricing

  • $10 per month for footer rotating banner ad (shown on all pages throughout the site).
  • $15 per month for second posts in topics - rotating banner ad.
  • $20 per month for both placements of footer and topics.
  • $20 per month for header rotating banner ad (shown on all pages throughout the site).
  • $25 per month for both placements of header and topics.
  • $5 per month for footer text link
  • $30 per month for Bundled advertising package, includes the below options
  • Sponsored Forum: A dedicated Vendor Forum added to the Vendor Row section. Can be used for customer support, sales, group buys and more.
  • Banner ads: Header, footer and footer text link ads are inlcuded
  • Have a race team? Place a MBN banner on you car and MBN will host your banner for free for that race season year.
  • Please contact us if you should require special advertising needs. We are happy to work out any additional requirements with you that are not covered here.
  • Banner Sizes and Guidelines

  • Header, footer and thread display banner ad sizes are 275x50 (width x hieght) leader boards.
  • Skyscraper side ads sizes are maximum 125x400 (width x hieght).
  • Mild animation is permitted in Gif banners.
  • Advertiser perks

  • Advertisers will be provided with an RSS link and password to view ad stats (Impressions and clicks).
  • Advertisers gain access to sell goods and services in the MBN classifieds/auction site
  • Payment method

    MBN accepts PayPal as the primary method for advertisement payment, if you would like to us an alternate method of payment, contact us for details.

    Payment can be made by going to >>HERE<<<, be sure to mark that it's for advertising. Upon confirmation, send us your banner and the link to where you would like it to be pointed.

    Contract Lengths

  • 3 months
  • 6 months + 1 month free (7 months)
  • 9 months + 2 months free (11 months)
  • 12 months + 3 months free (15 months) Best Value
  • (All advertisements must be paid for in advance)


  • Advertisements on MBN will not be accepted if they contain:
  • Links to pornographic material
  • Links to illegal material or actions (e.g.: warez sites)
  • Links to sites that contain material not suitable for younger viewers (e.g.: Adult humor sites)
  • Any advertisements will be screened by the MBN staff and we reserve the right to reject any advertisement we find unacceptable to our audience

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