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    Having trouble
    Hi, Im recently decided to build a buggy and purchased the buggyinovations Cheetah plans. I am not new to reading prints. These prints are very very detailed and I'm having trouble reading them.
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    Re: Having trouble
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    Welcome to the site. I too bought their plans just to see how they were and agree they go into detail VERY well. To the point of being confusing even if you do not step back from some ofthe prints. Just look at it one piece at a time.

    I often recommend the Desert Kart Panther plans for a first build as it is much eaiser plans to follow.

    In all fairness the Panther plans do have a few things that can be improve on a little (all plans do)

    The Cheetah plans are very good but I am not a fan of thier smaller tire sizes. Be GREAT for a Raptor 660 or 700 powered woods machine. But the little tires sure do seem to spin a lot in the videos on thier own site with a big bike engine. Just seems to be not enough tire.
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    Re: Having trouble
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    Yes Welcome to the site!

    Nuts is rite if this is your first build you should conceder the Desert Kart Panther plans.
    Not to complicated.
    Have fun and upload Pic's to the site.
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    Re: Having trouble
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    Details can be good and bad. One piece at a time. Panther plans leave out some details that should be there for a first timer. Have not seen Cheetah plans, so? But with any plans you gonna have to do a fair amount of improvising to make parts fit, and a lot of redesign work if you start changing stuff around.
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