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    Yxz1000r trans + 929r gear ratios
    Planning a buggy build. I have a car 929r donor bike for motor I plan to couple with yxz1000r transmission. I'm looking for roundabout speed in gears with bike motor in 1st with yxz trans 1-5 And bike motor in 5th and yxz trans 1-5. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. This will be on a 32" tire.
    Yxz - 929r
    1st 2.059 - 2.73
    2nd 1.545 - 2.00
    3rd 1.192 - 1.60
    4th .962 - 1.37
    5th .806 - 1.23
    6th. - 1.13:1
    Yxz middle output reduction 1.864
    Front and rear diffs 3.66:1
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    Re: Yxz1000r trans + 929r gear ratios
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    Welcome to MBN!

    There's a spreadsheet here somewhere that will give you that info. Search around - I think it's a sticky.
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    Re: Yxz1000r trans + 929r gear ratios
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    Re: Yxz1000r trans + 929r gear ratios
    Yes I did try those, couldn't get them to load on my phone, I just need to know if I'm doing this correctly. So the yxz Trans I was corrected and has a middle input reduction of 1.864 and a output reduction of 1.660. So if I understand correctly I take 5th gear which is .806 and multiply it by the input of 1.864 and take that total and multiply it by by the output of 1.660. So I take the total of that and plug it into the transmission gear ratio in the gear/speed calculator.? Am I on the right track?
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