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    zx14 front sprocket ?
    currently have a 13t front and 66t -530 rear sprocket on my buggy (found a broken front tooth) is why the gear change, just bought a 15t and 72T -530. I changed because I didn't want the chain to roll that tight in the front, and hopefully less wear on the trans; etc, contemplating a 14t front, curious on some feedback for front sprocket sizing, or if you think anything smaller than 15t is too risky?. and also if anyone knows if a zx12r sprocket fits a zx14? running about 33" extreme paddle tires
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    Re: zx14 front sprocket ?
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    zx12 here. Run 14/74. 12 uses diff countershaft than most, old 1000 zx size I think. But I get mine from They can have any size made up for ya.
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    Re: zx14 front sprocket ?
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    72 and 74 tooth sprocket must be like having a third wheel
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    Re: zx14 front sprocket ?
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    I ran a 14 tooth counter sprocket on one of my buggies for a couple of years. I put a lot of use on it with that set up and only had to change the chain once due to wear. I totally wore out 2 rear sprockets back then and that didn't help the chain life for sure. Ultimately I wanted higher gearing on that buggy so I put a 15 tooth sprocket up front and have had that on there for maybe 5 years. I have also had to change the chain once due to wear with that set up. I went to a hardened rear sprocket and it has held up fine.
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