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    reverse driven through tensionor sprocket
    I am building a buggy powered by a 600 gsxr and I'm considering options for reverse. My thought is to run a 12 tooth sprocket connected to a shaft ran through a bearing-ed housing on an adjustable swing arm as a chain tensor. On the opposite end of this shaft I will connect a gear with the same pitch as my starter motor and just large enough to give enough clearance between the body of the starter and the shaft housing (2-3 inches). The starter will be mounted to the tension swing arm. Seems like this will work as long as I make everything robust enough. Has anyone ever tried this? Any down sides I may be missing?
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    Re: reverse driven through tensionor sprocket
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    A sprag bearing in the idler would keep everything from rotating when not in use.
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    Re: reverse driven through tensionor sprocket
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    I had all of the parts to do this at one time. Sold everything when i sold the buggy. I think I had a reverse rotation starter so i could tuck it right behind the motor. It would stick out from the side otherwise.

    The starter gear was a 10 pitch, I believe it was from a Chrysler of some sort, it was gear reduction but reverse rotation. Gears are easy to get to match as well. I was going to use the bendix in the starter to keep it from engaging.
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