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    23 spline micro stub
    I have a st4 that had the axle break on me. What the axle is is a 23 spline 1" diameter with 3/4-16.

    It was custom made I realize that, but I am looking for the splined and threaded part to re-create the part.

    Here is a picture of the part.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Re: 23 spline micro stub
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    Oh, boy, not sure about the st4, I used chevy cavalier axles on an st2 years and years ago, cut them down and welded them like you have.
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    Re: 23 spline micro stub
    How many splines did that have, I am looking to figure out what the original owner made it out of.
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    Re: 23 spline micro stub
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    Where did it break? Pic w/o that colar and maybe the housing it slips thru too.

    Seen a few use parts from atv, maybe utv too. And what kinda hp you pushing.
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