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    cadillac eldarado transaxle
    This would be more of a mid size rail than a mini but I'm wondering if anyone has tried or thought of using a transaxle from a early 70's Cadillac or tornado. I've been thinking of using a turbo'd K model Honda and using the Cadillac transaxle. I remember a article years ago about Mickey Thompson building something for offroad using one. I think his was actually twin engine. The one I'm considering is based off the turbo 400. GM used this transaxle in some motorhomes as well. I think it would be plenty strong in a rail. only thing I'm not sure of is how well the chain would hold up. I know use a fair amount of power but I'm not really concerned about that. still need to look into what cv's they use. any thoughts?
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    Re: cadillac eldarado transaxle
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    They are essentially a TH400 with the chain from a transfer case redirecting the power to the front mounted diff. The downside of these is the mounting width of the flanges. With the pumpkin on the passenger side of the motor and the flange for the D-side all the way on the other side of the motor, they are very wide. Short axles were not a problem in a wide ass luxury car with 6" of travel, but for anything off-road it's an issue.

    The Mickey Thompson racer you are thinking of was the Chevy Luv pickup (there were actually 3 built). While they were listed as Toranado tranny's, they were far from stock. The motors were dry-sumped and the diff's were directly below the motor.

    Also, I'm not sure what diff they used, getting gears and lockers for one might be next to impossible depending on what they used.
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    Re: cadillac eldarado transaxle
    Well darn it. I got a rebuilt one from my demo derbying days been laying in the storage shed a couple years now. Guess it will be there awhile longer. Might still take a gander at it next time I'm in the storage though.
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    Re: cadillac eldarado transaxle
    if you are looking to build a mid size mid engine, look at the 2000 vw passat trans, dodge intrepid (cant remember the years), pontiac fiero, and some audi's. they all had a great setup for axles. i think some of the passat transaxles actually came with either 930 or 931 cv cups on them already.
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