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    091 to 930 drive flange with a welded on flange for brake rotor
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    091 to 930 drive flange with a welded on flange for brake rotor. I got this from Tom Pro Designs. It also looks like Gear One has these too, look in there Minibuggy section. Both Gear One and Tom Pro sell a center section drive shaft kits that use these flanges. I called Tom Pro and asked if they would sell me just one flange from the kit, they did. I did not try to call Gear One, I them very hard to do business with. I think ATV Racing makes something like the part but its a machined part.

    Here's the the center section drive shaft kit I saw the drive flanges on
    930 CV Live Axle Centre Drive Mini Buggy | eBay

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    Re: 091 to 930 drive flange with a welded on flange for brake rotor
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    Stress I have bought from Gear one in the past and their service is good but man are they proud of the sh$t they sell $$$$$$$$$. My buggy had that same flange with the rotor welded to it and I cut it off when I went to out board brakes . Ya cant beat a brake on each wheel
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    That be some kind of church cruzzer or commuter bike thingy ?
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