I am running 4 rabbit inner cv joints on my buggy. These rabbit ones have the same bolt pattern as beetle (type 1's) I know this for sure as I have both to compare. But the rabbit ones can take much more travel and have different balls and cages but same shaft spline.

Will type 2 aftermarket flanges for the boots fit on my rabbit ones (same holes spacing as type 1)?
And what "type" are my rabbit cvs?

I am running OEM beetle boot assemblies now and I flared the metal boot flange out to work with the extended travel because the shafts would interfere originally. They are the ones with the boot clamped to the outside of the metal mounting flange rather than crimped internally. I cannot find this style anywhere to buy. I need new boots, but new beetle and rabbit ones (internally crimped boots) interfere with my shafts with the increased travel. And I am afraid if I try to flare them to clear my shafts they will leak because of how they are crimped.

So I either need to somehow find Just boots and clamp them to my existing OEM flanges or find another boot and flange that will fit. Like type 2 or something.

Thanks All