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    Plasma Cutting Brake Rotor?
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    My Buddy has an X Y Axis Plasma Cutting table. I can give him the file for a Rotor and he can cut it out no problem. I know most rotors are made of A36 steel, but i think they are generally water jetted. Would cutting a 5/16 Rotor warp if cut by Plasma?
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    Re: Plasma Cutting Brake Rotor?
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    I cut mine on our waterjet, and the cutting process in general didn't warp the rotor, it was the steel stock itself. As we cut more out of the sheet, it relieved it's own tension, so the plate actually would move and warp on its own...kinda wierd, but thats what it does. I just faced both sides, and they are fine. So, if you do plasma them, just face them off in the lathe...
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