Hope this is the right place to post - I'm only a CAD novice so I enlisted some help to do basic mods to my models. Thought others might be interested if you get stuck on something of just want a part drawn up. I contacted Madan through People Per hour (PPH) - he is really good at SW and can use lots of the other packages and is really economical. I mean seriously cheap compared to US or Oz CAD engineers.

He does CAD in his spare time after work and you can send plans/drawing/sketches etc through PPH or skype. I've been doing a bit and he's picking up the buggy lingo. He worked in Oz for a few months too and is a mechanical engineer.

He's keen to do more buggy stuff so if you need a hand I can pass on his PPH address or skype. Nothing in it for me, he's a great resource I thought I'd share.