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    FEA SW xpress help!

    if i take 2 identically dimensioned straight tubes in 1010 steel and another in 4130 chromoley steel and bend them with the same force the displacement measures the same for each
    this isn't correct as the 4130 has a tensile strength double that of 1010
    i am using the 'light' version of xpress in SW
    any help over the weekend greatly appreciated
    thanks !
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    Re: FEA SW xpress help!
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    Strength has nothing to do with flexibility. Most steels have approximate the same Young's modulus, (modulus of elasticity). Steel is approximately 210 GPa, while aluminum is approximately 70 GPa, therefore aluminum will bend 3 times as much with the same load. (Assuming you haven't reached the yield stress).

    Be VERY careful with FEA results. Unless you are very experienced using it, don't risk your life based on the results.

    Most FEA models will not account for a material yielding, so you need to check the results to make sure you are staying below the yield strength of the material. Once you reach yielding, FEA goes out the window.

    Also, FEA models used in SolidWorks Xpress WILL NOT account for buckling. While a frame may look fine in FEA, it may buckle under a smaller load in real life.
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